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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and i'm kenny choi. we're good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, july 6. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. we're continuing to follow breaking news in emeryville where a building under construction went up in flames. and as you can see from chopper 5, firefighters still have quite a challenge on their hands. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is live at the scene with the very latest. anne. >> reporter: this fire has been burning for hours. you can see what's left of this building behind me. i'm at adeline and west macarthur. this is the frame of the building that was supposed to eventually be a condo mixed use building. it was under construction. five stories tall, this is very close to the oakland-emeryville border. the fire started at 2:30 this morning and check out the massive flames! drivers reported seeing this fire all over the east bay.
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it's very close to the macarthur maze. you can see it coming from several bay area freeways. flames were towering into the air. even the construction cranes were on fire. there are other condos and apartments in the area. some of them have been evacuated this morning. firefighters are really fighting this fire in defense mode. they are trying to prevent the fire from spreading. so far, they have been able to do that. but neighbors are without power and water. >> as soon as i realized it was this i knew it was probably going to be bad because this was like a massive wood scaffolding kind of thing, the way they are constructing it. >> reporter: yeah. that certainly makes the firefighting effort very difficult. it's like a tinderbox. check out the cars parked on the street outside burned by falling embers melted by the heat. we haven't heard of any injuries yet. but we heard a paramedics pulled into the scene. i think they are trying to
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figure out what they are dealing with. by all accounts there was nobody in the building under construction at the time. you can see behind me plenty of road closures in the area. those are going to be in effect throughout the morning as firefighters stay on scene because we still do have some active fire burning in this structure. and it's going to take a while for, a, them to put out the active flames and, b, for them to make sure there's no hot spots for them to reignite and burn some of these surrounding buildings. live in emeryville/oakland, anne makovec, kpix 5. gianna, there will be road closures in the area. >> if you are commuting through the maze toward the bay bridge this morning it will affect your morning driv delays on 580 improving quite a bit. traffic on 580 adjacent to the fire westbound moving okay a lot better than earlier but there are closure in and around
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the area at macarthur boulevard on-ramp from westbound 580 shut down. police doing traffic control. san pablo avenue north at 39th and west macarthur, as well. macarthur closed at west market. on the freeway traffic is moving better but earlier it was slow-and-go as you headed through that area. right now at the bay bridge, once you get there metering lights are on. you're backed up to the maze so slow-and-go conditions there. look at -- okay coming off the eastshore freeway. we are not seeing too many problems out of berkeley. a little sluggish into emeryville. hot spots now continue on highway 4. no accidents just a little slow-and-go through pittsburg and westbound 580, 205 to the altamont pass we have some delays through there. sluggish conditions for the "super commuters" working their way out of tracy and a new wreck on 880. here's roberta with the forecast. thanks, gianna. good morning, everybody. we have mineta international airport, oakland international airport, so far no reports of
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airport delays there. sfo could be another story. watching the low clouds and fog now drifting in overhead at sfo. so far, no delays. that could change as that ceiling continues to lower. we do have delays at o'hare, however, so if you flying out there, there's a possibility of delays due to thunderstorms. we have 52 in santa rosa right now, 55 livermore, san francisco winds out of the west at 5 in san francisco now picking up to 9. east-southeast 9 san jose. 16 in fairfield. winds obviously are variable, will continue to blow during the day 10 to 20 miles per hour up to 25 gusts. check out these temperatures. we should be 86 at concord with you a refreshing 78 degrees. temperatures 10 degrees below average in the sillicon valley. san jose at 75. 80 morgan hill. 69 san mateo. danville high temperatures
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below 80 degrees. wow! 61 stinson beach. full forecast straight ahead. thank you, roberta. another police shooting is sparking national outrage after a black man was killed by police outside a baton rouge convenience store. reporter hena daniels says family members are demanding answers. >> reporter: protestors took to the streets of baton rouge tuesday night after reports a louisiana police officer shot and killed a man outside a local convenience store. police say 37-year-old alton sterling scuffled with the two responding officers. an autopsy shows sterling died of multiple gunshot wound to the chest and back. >> my brother didn't deserve it. he didn't deserve it at all. >> reporter: his family is asking for answers. sterling's sister says her brother has been selling cds outside the store for years. >> just opened fire. that's not the answer. that was a life that you took away. that was a family member. >> reporter: a video is posted online. it claims to be of the incidents.
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one of the officers is heard yelling that sterling has a gun just before gunshots are heard. when paramedics arrived sterling was dead on the scene. >> "hands up, don't shoot!" >> reporter: protestors gathered on the scene early afternoon and the size of the crowd grew throughout the night. >> the worries are we're not going to get the information we need to cool this situation down and this may be the next ferguson here in baton rouge, that's the worry. >> reporter: both officers are on administrative leave pending further investigation. hena daniels kpix 5. >> police are expected to hold a news conference this morning. a louisiana state politician tells cbs affiliate wafb that police have surveillance video from the store and dashcam video from a police car. neither has been released. two teenagers suspected in the brew tool murder of a novato high school student are expected in court today. investigators say that 17-year- old juan carlos martinez enriquez and 16-year-old edwin
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guevera shot and stabbed edwin jose ramirez guerrera and attacked another student in may. the two teens are expected to be arraigned today for guerra's murder. a third defendant has already been arraigned. a search for the shooter targeting cars in south san jose before it tends deadly. kpix 5's maria medina is live on the busy street where a handful of cars have been shot at. >> reporter: i'm standing on blossom hill road and i got to tell you, we got here at 4 a.m. and it's a busy road even in the early-morning hours. it happened between poughkeepsie and monterrey. here's what police say they know so far. there have been four shootings, the first one happening in the beginning of may. the very latest happening just this past saturday. and all she is shootings happened between 12:30 and 1 a.m. one man says he was grazed by a bullet. another victim says she was hit by shrapnel. we found one man who says he was not in his car at the time
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of the shooting but he discovered his car window shot out the very next day and here's what he says happened to him. >> and my driver's side window was completely shot out. there was a half of it shattered and on the floor. and you could still see remnants of what looked like a bb hole. and i think they were driving around and shooting with bb guns. >> reporter: now, that shooting happened in march but he also lives right off blossom hill road and he says his friends' cars have also been shot at. now, it's been a pretty close call for these drivers. and police say what is so scary is that they have no idea where the bullets are coming from. but they are stepping up patrols so that they can find this person before, like you said, someone is killed. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. in the north bay, a water taxi service helps to take one
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big chunk out of the ferry business. tideline marina is requesting a permit to begin commute service. its initial route would be from berkeley to san francisco. but the hope is to kick off a second route that starts in belvidere. for now the company plans to charge $22.50 for a roundtrip fare. apple is making it easier to become an organ donor. the tech giant has partnered with donate life america to encourage people to sign up through their iphones. starting this fall people can sign up through their health app using their medical id. once someone has registered, it puts his information into a national database. >> the fact that they are willing to put this out there and make this a cause that they believe in, it's what we have been hoping for. >> 120,000 people are on the national transplant list. 11,000 of them live in northern california and parts of nevada. sillicon valley give is on hold. the charity event was launched
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by the community foundation in 2014. it was a 24-hour charity event that has raised about $24 million in the last few years for nonprofits. organizers are worried about donor fatigue so they are skipping it for 2017. they will reevaluate for the following year. time now 6:10. number one in road kills. why a bay area freeway was just named most dangerous for wildlife than any other. >> and a bit of the three bears story in northern california when a woman comes home from vacation to find someone has been living in her house! [ laughter ] >> hi, from the kpix 5 weather center. good morning, everybody. it's another gray start along the coast today. we'll talk about the chances of any kind of clearing. >> and a fire in emeryville has shut down city streets. plus delays at the bay bridge. details in just a few minutes.
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check this out: a tornado was spotted forming in minnesota a structure fire in emeryville has shut down city streets in emeryville. closures also affecting your access to 580 macarthur boulevard on-ramp closed. macarthur is closed at market in san pablo avenue right at 39th also closed and at macarthur, as well. avoid the area. use an alternate. check this out. a tornado was spotted forming in minnesota yesterday. the day started off humid and suddenly the skies turned dark as the storm brought lightning heavy rain and hail. there were power outages in the area. this morning, pope francis met with a family of an american teenager murdered in
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rome. 19-year-old beau solomon just arrived in rome when he disappeared last friday. he was found in the tiber river. yesterday, police arrested a homeless man in connection with the investigation. pope francis said he wanted to meet solomon's parents to express compassion for the family during this difficult time. a sacramento woman returned from vacation to find her house burglarized and lived in. she says that her house was ransacked. her car was stolen and items were missing. surveillance cameras and an alarm system were ripped out. but her house is also filthy. it was full of beer cans and cigarette butts. it was more than just the burglary. >> they were sleeping in the kitchen. the food was all over the place. the bed they had slept in my bed. >> a homeless man was arrested. police say that he had the woman's house keys but claims he didn't live in her house. today members of the san francisco board of supervisors will meet to discuss a proposal to raise the city's sales tax.
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supporters point to an estimated deficit of $250 million over the next two years as the reason the tax is necessary. the deficit is largely due to a projected decline in revenue from real estate taxes. interstate 280 has earned the distinction as the worst freeway in the state when it comes to road kill. the sierra club says between 280 between san jose and san francisco is a death trap for animals. it cuts through the heart of the crystal springs watershed, home to a wide range of wildlife. >> built at a tomb when there wasn't nearly as much consciousness of protecting wildlife and certainly not the legal structures for protection of wildlife. >> newer highways are built with wildlifing my grace patterns in mind. some have fences that funnel animals into crossings under the road. >> poor little animals there. i'm always trying to um, on 24, always trying to dodge the skunks. [ laughter ] >> yeah.
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>> i have deer problems. oh, dear. [ laughter ] >> oh, yeah. [ laughter ] >> sorry. >> nice. >> i don't think we have deer problems, but we have other problems. >> we do. no deer on the roads right now. no. but we have this major situation happening out of emeryville right now. we'll show you live pictures from chopper 5. you can see the smoke billowing over this five- alarm fire there. this is in emeryville. it's been going on for quite some time. anne makovec is at the scene and will have live updates. but it's affecting surface streets and your access to 580 there so west macarthur boulevard on-ramp to westbound 580 is closed because of the fire. surface streets in the area also. as you saw, we didn't see too many delays on 580. it's actually looking okay through there. traffic is light. but things were sluggish for spectator slowing as you work your way through there but right now it's moving a lot better in that area. but, of course, it's going to slow down once you hit the bay bridge, metering lights were turned on at 5:30. so slow-and-go conditions as
6:18 am
you head off the eastshore freeway slow off 580. so far 880 is the best approach to the bay bridge, 26 minutes though coming off of 80 westbound from the carquinez bridge to the maze. on 880, let's get a live look at conditions out of oakland. not too bad. nicenice northbound. no problems through the maze. southbound 880 looking good. we have reports of an accident north 880 at thornton off to the shoulder. southbound slow southbound out of hayward. >> you know, the hardest part about a weather forecast in the summer months in the bay area is, first of all, forecasting when the fog will burn off but also when you have a repeat performance every day. you have to find a different approach to. today's different approach to the low clouds and fog it's more extensive, fog into the pacheco pass in the southeastern portion of santa clara county and also streaming
6:19 am
all the way into salinas but otherwise the temperatures are uniform in santa rosa, 11-mile- per-hour winds in oakland. 12-mile-per-hour winds in san ramon, 16 in fairfield, variable winds throughout the day 10 to 20 miles per hour and occasional gusts to 25. clouds will linger at the coast. clearing near pacifica all due to the cloud deck roughly about 1200 feet compared to tuesday. temperatures are mild today. here's your satellite and radar. you see the shield of clouds around the san mateo coast. it's an onshore push according to our satellite-radar. this trough is carving a path and enhancing our marine e
6:20 am
and then a little bit of clearing before everything clouds over during the overnight hours and extends inland a good 50 miles. we are cooling off in the central valley, as well. today we are losing 49 seconds of daylight in comparison to tuesday. 60 pacifica. 88 in cloverdale. variable winds continuing through thursday, as well. saturday is your big cooldown. hope you enjoy your day. we have a look at sports next.
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trayce -- who's having a big rookie good morning, everybody. good a lot good news/bad news for you for this sports segments. first giants catcher buster posey selected to be the starting nl catcher for the aall star game. july 12th, in san diego. third time he is elected a
6:24 am
starter fourth appearance overall. he will be joined by madison bumgarner and johnny cueto, brandon belt among the fan vote finalists for a vacant all star roster spot. the a's will be represented by catcher steve vogt. madison bumgarner night ruined last night against colorado. looked good here a run scoring off brandon belt's single in the first. 1-0. then 2-0 after 6 when bumgarner left but that 7th inning, man! whoo! cory gearrin gave up a two-hour two strike three-run bomb from the dangerous nolan arenado. 17 blown leads given up by the giants bullpen. colorado won 7-3. look at the elephants last night in minneapolis. three-hour delay. a's at the twins. twins 51 in the fifth. keppler extended it. second back-to-back big flies off a's sean menaea. twins routed this one, 11-4.
6:25 am
the a's have lost five of six. that's sports at this hour. hey, in tennis, how about the williams sisters in the semifinals. venus and serena. back with more later on. i know to our play of the day. klay thompson's little brother trace is having a big rookie year for the dodgers. look at this. tracks this one all the way back to the wall. great leaping grab before slamming into the fence. orioles beat the dodgers 4-1. trace thompson our athletic play of the day. it's 6:25 right now. donald trump is catching some heat for his comments about saddam hussein. why he praised the former iraqi leader. >> and we have new information on a huge fire that's been burning all morning long in the
6:26 am
east bay. check out the flames. people have been reporting them since 3 a.m. the latest next.
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drivers being shot at in san jose, the busy intersections where the shootings are happening. >> and we're getting some spectacular scenes off the coast off pacifica thanks to some humpback whales. >> that's so cool. from the kpix 5 weather center, good morning, everybody, it is "june gloom" in july. we talk about clearing and when to expect it. >> we have a massive fire in emeryville causing closures on surface streets and making it
6:30 am
difficult to access 580. details coming up. >> i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. new this morning in emeryville a 6 story building burst into flames and clouds of smoke pour over highway 580. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at the scene where in just a couple of hours, a construction project turned into a total wreck. anne. >> reporter: yeah. you can see the frame of what was a construction frame here behind me on adelaide and west macarthur. the fire has spread to the building on the other side, townhomes are now on fire over there. those townhomes were occupied as opposed to the original building which was under construcwas going to be a condo mixed use building. but the flames just shot into the air. this is earlier video. the fire started at 2:30 a.m. this is very close to the oakland-emeryville border and drivers reported seeing these flames all over the east bay.
6:31 am
this is very close though the macarthur maze. those flames just towering over the skyline this morning. even the construction cranes themselves were on fire. and as i said there are homes on the other side. those homes were evacuated as was a set of apartment on the other side of the building. so about 50 people are under evacuation order right now. firefighters have been fighting this fire in defense mode basically trying to prevent that fire from spreading but it did indeed spread to one building on the side. neighbors without power and water. in fact, they have sprayed so much water on this fire that east bay m.u.d. actually had to increase the pressure to this area so that they could continue to spray water. they are going to have to continue to spray water all morning long. they are going to be fighting, a, this active fire and then, b, looking for hot spots to make sure this fire doesn't
6:32 am
reignite at any time. a lot of road closures until at least noon and firefighters will be on scene all day. anne makovec, kpix 5. let's see how that incident is affecting traffic. gianna? >> it's making it difficult to access 580 this morning. so keep that in mind if you are taking macarthur to westbound 580. that on-ramp is still completely shut down. it will be shut down for quite some time as anne said. better on 580 now. earlier there was spectator slowing because you could see the flames from the freeway but now it's improved westbound 580 through there. but again, closures still in effect. you can't get on 580 from west macarthur boulevard. also macarthur itself closed at market and as anne said there are street closures in the area. avoid the area. slow-and-go on the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights on. sluggish off the eastshore
6:33 am
freeway westbound slow-and-go through berkeley. we heard reports of a brush fire possibly eastbound 80 off the ashby off-ramp. it was closed momentarily but just reopened so you can exit 82 there so no major problems on that side. most of the delays are westbound in the area. here's roberta with the forecast. >> good morning. rise and shine! hello, san jose! you have clear skies. a little bit of low clouds a little bit of fog way in the background there drifting through the santa cruz mountains extending all the way into the sleeps valley with the marine layer and trucks right into the san luis obispo area. clear skies east in livermore. wind speeds up to 15 miles per hour now at 11 in oakland, calm mountain view. we have fairfield at 16.
6:34 am
7 in napa. variable winds today 10 to 20 miles per hour with temperatures below average. 50s that's as good as it gets at the coastline with obviously no clearing there. 60s and 70s at the peninsula. up to 80 in morgan hill. 84 in brentwood. that's about 4 degrees below average. 80 degrees in livermore. and mid-70s around walnut creek, clayton and concord. 72 in petaluma today with ample sunshine. we have the full forecast including the weekend with some subtle changes coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. roberta, thank you. caltrans crews will brave wind and fog today and birds to take down one of the trusses on the old bay bridge starting about now. crews kicking off a complicated process to remove the bridge's fourth truss. teams will slowly lower it on the barge and bring it to the port of oakland for disassemble. caltrans are sure that things will go well and they are live
6:35 am
streaming it. weather permitting the project should finish in a couple of days. a feeding frenzy along the coast of pacifica has people flogging to the shoreline to watch the show. in this video from a viewer, humpback whales are breaking the ocean surface. their food source is closer to the shore. some republicans are rushing to distance themselves from their party's presidential nominee as he praised saddam hussein. >> we shouldn't have destabilized. saddam hussein was a bad guy, right? he was a bad guy. really bad guy. but now what he did well? he killed terrorists. he did that so good! they didn't read him the rights. they didn't talk. they were a terrorist, it was over. today -- >> the as a rally in raleigh -- at a rally in raleigh, north carolina, he said the world would be better if dictators
6:36 am
like hussein were still in power. trump also wasted no time blasting the announcement from the fbi surrounding hillary clinton's i mail scandal. on twitter, he wrote, rigged system allowed clinton to get away with murder. yesterday, the feds said that clinton's handling of classified information was extremely careless but that she did not commit a crime. san jose police stepping up patrols after several bullets hit cars driving through two busy intersections. kpix 5's maria medina is live on blossom hill road where the victims say it was a close call for all of them. >> reporter: michelle, i have to tell you blossom hill road is pretty busy even in the early-morning hours. a lot of businesses and homes nearby. now, the shooting took place between poughkeepsie behind me and monterey behind the camera. so far, there have been four shootings. the first one happened in early may. the very latest happening just thi past saturday all between
6:37 am
12:30 and 1 a.m. one man was grazed by a bullet. a woman was hit with shrapnel. one man not inside his car at the time found his car window shot out the next morning with a bb gun. >> they are cowards. they are cowards, um, i don't know why you think you need to do this and destroy people's property. you have no value, obviously, of morals or standards that you live by and or you don't know the value of a dollar where people work, you know, this is my vehicle. >> reporter: now, that shooting happened back in march but he says several of his friends have had their cars shot out right off of blossom hill road. police say they are stepping up patrols like you said. in fact, we saw one patrol car here not too long ago. they are trying to find the person who was shooting at drivers here before it gets deadly. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5. also in san jose cops shot a troubled teen but the city's
6:38 am
police chief says that officers showed, quote, great judgment from beginning to end of the deadly en counter. the confrontation happened monday in the east foothills. the city's chief says officers responsibled to a call about a suicidal man -- responded to a call about a suicidal man for a gun. they gave him 14 minutes to convince him the teen, who had shot himself in the head to disarm and leave the house. he eventually aimed toward the police and they were forced to shoot. a facebook employee is accused of raping a woman. zue zhou was arrested on tuesday. police say he invited her into his home after an outing with friends. she says she was raped. then she escaped. police say zhou identified himself as a facebook employee when he was arrested. he is charged with rape, battery and false imprisonment. a beloved advocate for people with disabilities has died after a freak accident in
6:39 am
sacramento. >> how many people loved her. she was just, ahem, she was so special. >> 60-year-old laurie hoirup was on a boat with family and friends to watch fireworks on the sacramento river. she was trying to get off on to the dock when her wheelchair slipped into the water. her husband says he jumped in to save her but it was too late. hoirup was a well-known activist who published several books about living with disabilities. >> she wanted them to read her books to be able to see that, you know, it's okay to be different. having a disability is just about being different. and that's okay. >> hoirup was appointed to the state council on developmental disabilities by governor schwarzenegger. time now 6:39. activists have turned to a new strategy to get judge aaron persky removed from the bench. >> blood donations centers need help. what sparked a nationwide shortage.
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good morning. your time check is 6:43. let take you on a free ride across the bay area. here's what you can expect. temperatures today very cool at the coast with very little clearing at best. 69 in san mateo. you will see the sunshine there to 79 degrees in campbell. hello, east bay. topping off in the 70s to 80 degrees in throughout the tri- valley. brentwood warmer at 84. that's spectacular. mid-70s in pleasant hill. meanwhile, north bay numbers stacking up from 61 degrees in stinson beach to 74 degrees in novato. it will be 60 in san francisco through colma, 75 in sonoma. cloverdale 88. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." jeff glor joins us now from new york. >> reporter: good morning.
6:44 am
we'll take a look at why hillary clinton will not indicted for using private email servers. john dickerson joins us with the fallout on her campaign. ben tracy goes on patrol with brazilian police as they thwart a crime surge with the olympics right around the corner. and more americans are taking less vacation. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. >> i want more vacation time! that's not good. >> i know. seriously >> thank you, jeff. see you at 7:00. if you are in the market for a new home, some good news this morning. joining us now, kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's absolutely been key for the housing market when it comes to mortgage rates. we have seen rising prices, record prices, being hit again in the bay area and other cities across the country, as well. but low mortgage rates have helped fuel housing sales. those rates continue to hit new lows in 2016. the mortgage bankers association reporting that 30 years fixed loans falling to
6:45 am
3.66%. that was a big drop from the prior week. and this led to a huge move in refi activity. people already owning homes, that activity was up 20% while new purchase apps were up by 4%. that could mean a rise in home sales after a dip in the recent months. and mortgage rates have headed lower as the stock market sell- off fueled more money in the us treasury seen as a safe haven and mortgage rates follow the year-old on the 10-year note, down to a record low. also this morning the stock market with the worries with the "brexit" hound the market as the pound falls. good are more expensive overseas. wall street is heading lower this morning. the dow dropping by 85 points. nasdaq down 35. s&p is down by 12 points. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from
6:46 am
kcbs radio. a new push to get a bay area judge off the job. now activists are trying to make sure nobody serves on a jury for judge aaron persky. the judge has been in the spotlight since he sentenced a former stanford swimmer to six months in jail for sexual assault. now actsivists say they have more than 5,000 signatures on a petition whose name says it all. don't serve in judge persky's court. last months he excused 10 jurors on an unrelated case because they did not want to serve in his courtroom. time now 6:46. it's been a busy morning in traffic especially in the east bay. let's check the roads with gianna. >> it's been. and it continues to be a busy ride especially across the bay bridge. slow conditions metering lights are on and it's slow on all approaches, slow past the metering lights as well, better across the upper deck though into san francisco. at the maze because of the fire in emeryville, west macarthur boulevard on-ramp to westbound
6:47 am
580 is shut down as well as surface streets in the area. macarthur is closed west of market, san pablo avenue, right at 39th and at macarthur as well completely shut down so there are police doing traffic control there so be advised as you head through there. avoid the area. 880 in oakland filling in past the coliseum but doing okay 238 to the maze not too bad about a 16 to 18-minute drive time. southbound 880 slow out of hayward. 17 minutes as you head from 238 down to decoto through 84 so into fremont there. slow off the san mateo bridge, as well. we have slow ride westbound 880 towards 101 with a 21-minute drive time. no accidents, just extra busy. all mass transit is on time. good morning, everyone. your time check now is 6:47.
6:48 am
want to see if my good friend paco can work with me here. cue the foghorn. [ foghorn ] >> i just love that! [ foghorn ]! >> this is another gray slate start to your wednesday. along the coast and into the way. inland you say what fog? we have clear skies in livermore, 55. san jose you are clear at 55, as well. santa rosa in the low 50s. good morning to darryl yee. he is our weather watcher in alameda reporting 56 degrees. thanks for checking in with cloud cover there, as well. cloud slow to clear at best at the immediate seashore. otherwise, bright sunshine away from the coast. we have our satellite-radar suggesting it's a huge field -- okay, it's more extensive streaming all the way into san luis obispo this morning. but not quite as deep as roughly around 1200 feet in comparison to yesterday at 2,000 feet where we were picking up so much heavy drizzle at the coast. it's not so much the case today but as this area of low pressure gets closer and closer to the san francisco area, we
6:49 am
will see the return of the drizzle, especially by thursday night into friday and on saturday morning, as well. futurecast, if you are planning your outdoor activities at lunchtime, it's socked in at the beaches. then the expansion of the marine layer inland at least a good 50 miles overnight. temperatures cooling in the central valley. 89 degrees in sacramento. wow! okay. yeah, for this july date. 61 degrees in monterey bay. 76 degrees in the high sierra. 94 redding. it really is "june gloom" on this date in july. 10 degrees below average in san jose into willow glen and almaden. 82 degrees in santa rosa through guerneville into occidental. your extended forecast, a repeat performance for your thursday. then thursday night into friday, into the weekend, we will see localized drizzle extending inland with that deepening marine layer, rain to
6:50 am
the far north of the north bay on saturday. and then we have plenty of sunshine on tuesday. hey, it's our kpix 5 annual sponsored bike for breath. we hope to see you saturday starting off in atherton. different start times and different routes. see you there. >> thank you. blood banks across the state are asking for your help as they feel the squeeze caused by the ongoing zika situation. according to blood source which distributes blood to 100 california hospitals, the network's reserves have dropped 5,000 pints below inventory levels. so far, there are at least 800 confirmed zika cases in the continental u.s. tesla has been tied to another self-driving car crash. we learned a model x had an accident in pennsylvania. the two men inside survived after the car hit a guardrail and rolled. and just one day earlier the national highway traffic safety administration issued a report about a crash in may involving
6:51 am
a tesla s. it was apparently on autopilot during that accident in florida. the driver who had even posted videos of his tesla on youtube died in the crash. time now 6:51. after years of trials and appeals former olympic star oscar pistorius learns how long he will have to spend in jail. >> reporter: and a huge fire has been burning in the east bay since 2:30 this morning. it continues to burn. it's caught homes on fire now. there are evacuations under way. the latest coming up. is
6:52 am
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we're with you san francisco and you bring out the best in us. care. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center. [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] him pointing a gun at group of young men. a top naval official is under investigation after cell phone video turned up allegedly showing him pointing a gun at a group of young men. >> it happened last month in a washington suburb. >> get in the car! >> the mother of one of the
6:55 am
men filed a complaint against [ non-english name ] who is a deputy assistant secretary of the navy for environment. he was apparently accusing the men of being drunk. no charges have been filed against him. navy officials say they are aware of the video and they are taking appropriate action. five things to know at the :55. oscar pistorius is sentenced to six-year for killing his girlfriend in 2013. the man was first convicted of manslaughter in the death of reeva steenkamp upgraded to murder last year. protestors in baton rouge last night after police shot a black man. someone called police to say alton sterling was making threats outside a convenience stores. he scuffled with officers and was shot to death. hillary clinton is set to take aim at donald trump's failed business dealings today. she will deliver a major
6:56 am
address in atlantic city. yesterday, trump blasted the fbi over its decision not to indict her for her use of private email servers. san jose police are trying to figure out who is shooting at cars on blossom hill road. it's happened at least four times between may 4 and last saturday. all in the early-morning hours. two people have been injured. right now, caltrans crews are taking down the fourth out of five trusses on the old bay bridge. teams will lower the 504-foot piece on a barge and bring it port of oakland for disaassembly. it should finish in a couple of days. i'm anne makovec live in emeryville where a huge fire broke out this morning. it continues to burn. you can see firefighters here continuing to spray water on what was a condo building under construction. to the side, townhomes caught fire in this fire. this isth has been burning since 2:30 this -- this has been burning since 2:30 a.m. drivers saw flames all over the
6:57 am
east bay. very close to the macarthur maze here on the oakland- emeryville border. even the construction cranes at one point were on fire. it was the nature of the building that caught fire initially that made things very difficult because the building was under construction. >> well, the building is under construction. [ inaudible ] there's a lot of open framing. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: you can see cars on the outside of the building also got burned in this fire from embers and also just melting from the heat. it was really quite a fire. first will be on the shore to watch for hot spots.
6:58 am
-- firefighters will be in the area to watch for hot spots. closures in the area san pablo affected as well as macarthur near market near 39th and also you can't access westbound 580 from west macarthur boulevard on-ramp. that's closed until further notice. metering lights on, slow on all approaches. sluggish coming away from the carquinez bridge to the maze. lots of brake lights through highway 4 westbound hillcrest to 242, 16-minute drive time. had reports of an accident eastbound near bailey that's cleared. but sluggish especially approaching 242. 680 southbound slow conditions through walnut creek. and a quick look at 101 southbound. slow through petaluma. your drive time though 34 minutes from 12 down to 37. no delays at the golden gate bridge. quiet through here into san francisco. okay. paco, i think it's foggy outside. i think we see low clouds. ment ? foghorn ]
6:59 am
>> i think we see low clouds! [ foghorn ] >> ocean beach, yeah, it's another foggy cloudy start your to dare into the coast, into the peninsula. temperatures from 52 to 57 to start wednesday. ample sunshine away from the beaches. pacifica 60, livermore 20 degrees warmer than that. you want 83 degrees? head to fairfield, also rio vista and cordelia. your extended forecast ditto thursday, cooler friday but check out saturday. lots of morning drizzle and then cool conditions right here in the bay area. it's been nearly 4 months now since anyone won the mega millions drawing. and once again no one won the jackpot last night so friday's drawing will have a jackpot of at least $508 million, the 7th biggest of all time. there's a cash value of $367 million. the odds of getting the correct
7:00 am
numbers, 1 in 259 million. good luck friday. captions by: caption colorado in the west. it is wednesday, july 6 2016. welcome to cbs this morning. james comey slams hillary clinton for being extremely careless with classified information. republicans protest the fbi's decision. under investigation, after a video shows him pointing a gun and threatening young men outside his home. rio facing a security crisis ahead of the games. we go on patrol with police in a city plagued by crime. we begin with a look at today's eye-opener your world in 90 seconds. she lied to the country when she said she


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